Chaka Priambudi Wicaksono.

Chaka is well-known as a doublebass player, arranger, and song writer. Chaka started to play music since he was a teenager. His first instrument was guitar. He is able to learn by himself. At the same time he also started to play electric bass.

At the age of 19, Chaka was learning to play doublebass in Sekolah Tinggi Musik Bandung. At that time he also learned Jazz from Imam Pras at program Lab Jazz Weekly. At the age 20, He went to Institut Musik Daya Indonesia, entering the degree program, majoring doublebass and piano. At this age, he started to play as a session player in Jakarta.

Chaka has performed with great Jazz musicians in Jakarta. He played with Idang Rasjidi, Riza Arshad, Wolfgang Hafner (german musician), Imelda Rosalin, He also member of ILQ (Indra Lesmana Quintet). As a session player Chaka has performed in Jakarta Concert Orchestra (JCO), Monita Tahalea and The Nightingales, Dewi “dee” Lestari, Sierra Soetedjo, Aditya Sofyan, Glen Waas, Mian Tiara, Sandy Winarta Quartet, Robert MR Quartet and Dwiki Dharmawan Recently, Chaka was having collaboration with Sundari Soekotjo and her daughter Intan Soekotjo at Pekan Komponis keroncong and KEDJORA. At KEDJORA, Chaka also collaborated with Otti Djamalus, Yance Manusama, Kunto Aji, Rieka Roeslan, Dira Sugandi, and Dewi Gita.

Chaka projects are; his debut album #1,  founder of Lantun Orchestra, and CEO of Chaka Music Production. His song “Caterpillar” was a winner for  the best instrumental music at Jazz Hijau Music Competition 2013. He also writes song “Kutunggu Kau di Salemba” with Mian Tiara as a lyricist. With Monita Tahalea as a lyricist, Chaka writes a song called “168” the song already in her second album “Dandellion”. Recently with his best friend, Mian Tiara, Chaka makes duo format album; He as a song writer and Mian Tiara as a lyricist, the Single called “Cakrawala” from Mian Tiara and Chaka Priambudi.


Single “Maafkan aku” Karen Pooroe- 2010 

Single “Sesal” Iga Mawarni – 2011

album “Gratitude” Robert MR Quartet -2013

album “Mind Traffic” Glenn Waas – 2013

album “#1” Chaka Priambudi  – 2013

album “Embraceable moment” Indra Lesmana Quintet feat Jenny de fretes – 2013

album “Songs of praise” Monita Tahalea & the nightingales – 2013

album  Lantun Orchestra – 2014

album “Menunggumu”  Yoseph Sitompul Works 2014

album “Biru” – Glenn Waas 2015

Single “Dengan Menyebut nama Allah” – Andini Feat Dwiki Dharmawan 2017

album “Cakrawala” – Mian Tiara dan Chaka Priambudi 2017

album Lantun Orchestra, 2017



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